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Our Christmas Shop will be open from Monday, November 28 to Friday, December 2, 2022! 


Our annual PCA Christmas Shop opens on Monday, November 28 and closes Friday, December 2! All students will get to visit the store with their class during school hours. For our little ones in K1-K5, please use the handy shopping list we have created. This will help us guide students as they choose gifts for family and friends. Kindly email the completed form directly to your child's teacher for a smoother shopping experience.

For your convenience, along with cash, we will also be accepting charges to your FACTS account. Kindly complete this form and specify the maximum amount you allow your child to spend. The exact expenditure will be posted to your FACTS account for reference.

In addition, checks payable to "Potential Christian Academy" will also be accepted. Please list a max amount on the check and sign it, and if your child spends less than the amount listed, a credit will be applied to your current FACTS balance. Should you have any questions, please contact directly.


Merry Christmas!