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All PCA students are required to dress in official school uniform. These may be purchased through Lands End. All available options will be displayed on their site.
Please ensure that your child strictly adheres to our uniform policy:
The following guidelines are designed to promote a standard of appearance, which enhances the learning environment while allowing for reasonable comfort and individuality of all students. Dress reflects an attitude and Potential Christian Academy seeks to establish an atmosphere and attitude that reflects a positive learning environment. 
For the 2020-2021 school year, students are asked to wear the approved uniform shirts and bottoms from Lands’ End. You may choose any color from our pre-approved selection listed on their website ( Shoes and socks can be worn in the following colors: black, gray, white, and pink. These colors will be required at all times to comply with the school’s uniform policy. Students may also wear the uniform jackets provided by Lands’ End, PCA Athletic sweatshirts, or purchase basic jackets with no words or graphics. Jackets must be solid gray or black. PE uniforms are required for 6th –8th grade students who have selected PE as an elective. These are available on the Lands’ End website as well.
To make any purchase, please visit, follow the “school uniform” link, and click on “find my school”. You may search by name by entering “Potential Christian Academy” or by our preferred school number, “900157512.” Once you’re in, please add each child and select from the choices of uniforms available in your child’s grade level. Students in grades K1 and K2 are not required to purchase official uniforms. They may wear black bottoms with any shirt that has our PCA colors (black, pink, gray, teal or white). In order to identify items that may get lost, please be sure to label each article of clothing with your child’s name on the tag. The following guidelines are designed to promote a standard of appearance, which enhances the learning environment while allowing for reasonable comfort and individuality of all students.
Should you have any questions, kindly contact our school office.